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JCL Board of Directors


JCL Board of Directors.

Ensuring JCL's Future

The members of the JCL Board of Directors take their responsibilities very seriously: ensuring the prudent use of all assets;  providing oversight for all activities that advance JCL’s mission, effectiveness, and sustainability and ensuring that JCL follows applicable laws and ethical practices in the advancement of our mission. 


JCL has been blessed with the selfless commitment of so many men and women who serve our Board of Directors - past and present. Our community, donors, and staff appreciate their dedication and passion for the JCL mission. 


Officers of the Board 

Steven Basche, President
Mary Anne Charron, Vice-President
Stephanie Kudler, Treasurer
Seth Lapuk, Secretary



Bridget Arndt

Felice Heller

Deborah Doran
Sonu Rangnekar
Ronit Shoham

Alison Sjoberg

Don Neville

Erica Tirado

Life Directors

Life directors served as past-president and/or a minimum of 10 years on the Board of Directors.

Maggie Belcher

Faith Helene
Betty Hellerman
Lee Lapuk
Sue Morris
Sophie Myrun
Susan Robbins Namerow
Susan Neuberg
Scott Newman
Janice Rothstein
Marlene Scharr
Patricia Schuster
Andrew Selinger
Edie Shiffman

Meredith Smith
Gary Starr

Donald Tardif
Kim Youmans

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