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Mary z"l preparing for you of her favorite pastimes, coloring beautiful pieces of art!

Community Active... Community Strong...
JCL exists for one reason only — to help persons with a developmental disability participate in community life as independently and safely as possible.


The JCL Family

In 1982, JCL joined a civil rights movement – moving people with disabilities out of institutions – into one of the first 50 group homes in Connecticut. Today there are over 850.


People like you responded – with open hearts and open minds – to welcome JCL into the community.


A Lifetime Commitment

The men and women we support live with us for as long as they like, and for as long as we can meet their needs. Assistance will be needed for the rest of their lives — not just a few years, but for decades to come.

JCL residences are first and foremost homes. They are intended to be what homes are; a place to:

  • feel safe and relaxed

  • interact with caring people

  • learn new skills

  • be able to respond to new opportunities.


Our dedicated employees work to ensure that the adults we support experience a quality of life second-to-none.


We are Your Neighbors

Many of our residents grew up in the Greater Hartford area. With the support of JCL, they have been able to remain in the area with continued ties to family and friends.


Open to All Faiths

Our programs and services are open to all faiths and backgrounds. However, JCL is one of the few organizations in the area that help adults with special needs practice and reinforces their Jewish heritage.

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