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Commitment to Excellence

Lauren and her best friend hugging.

Brookmoor ladies - Mira Rauch, Sarah Schuss, and Beena Schectman (l-r front row) - visit Denis Geary's office with staff Angela Benjamin and Susan Harry (l-r top row).  

Our Commitment

Personal Growth

Individuals we support are presented with every opportunity to choose and achieve their personal goals, in accordance with their stated wishes, abilities and available resources. 


Individual Choice

The men and women we support possess varying levels of competency in managing their own lives. Some require continuous assistance while others simply need to know help is available when they need or want it. 


We do not direct people, but rather demonstrate or point out options and encourage our folks to choose accordingly. 


Social inclusion

Individuals we support are active, visible members of their community. Recreation, religious practices, medical care, shopping, dining, etc. are all carried out in the same way persons without disabilities take advantage of their community's offerings. 



There are rare instances when we find it necessary to interfere in the relationships the individuals we serve have with others. We work hard to respect the basic essence of any relationship, including those where sexual intimacy is a possibility, or when we disagree with a family member about the best way to support their family member. 



American citizens are blessed with a wide variety of rights. Those very same rights are available to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including some special protections afforded them by law (i.e. freedom from abuse and neglect). 


Dignity & Respect

The JCL Employee Handbook begins with the following statement, "All JCL clients will be treated with basic respect and courtesy."


Health & Wellness

Thorough oversight and maintenance of health care is our most compelling responsibility and probably the area we spend the most time. 



JCL provides homes, condos, apartments as well as travel in vehicles that are safe, clean and in good repair at all times while also recognizing each person's lifestyle.



The adults we serve experience an overall sense of security in their lives - beyond physical or personal security - including emotional, financial, and support security.


We strive to establish a sense of family - a feeling that people care about them and will do everything they can to prevent any feelings of insecurity in their lives. 

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