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Lauren, Jack, & Scott standing with  “Cinderella and her Prince.

Mary Irish z"l takes a break in her
West Hartford condo.

Brian Selinger and his mom affix a mezuzah on his bedroom door at the
Brewster Road group home.

Your Gift Supports Community 


The men and women we support live with us for as long as they like, and for as long as we can meet their needs. Assistance will be needed for the rest of their lives — not just a few years, but for decades to come.

10 years: No Cost-of-living-Increase (COLA)

The majority of funding from JCL services is paid for by the State of Connecticut. No COLA has been provided to help cover increases in program expenses. And yet, costs have increased.


Your Help is Urgently Needed

That’s why your help is so urgently needed. Your generosity is the key to our ability to provide quality services to those we support now and into the future.


Accountable to You - Our Donors 

State payments cover about 80% of our operating costs. Your gifts enable us to provide the kind of life we want for ourselves and our children.

85 cents of Every Dollar Goes to Programs

We take our responsibility seriously. You can feel secure that your gift is put to work where it’s needed most - supporting our people and our programs.


Thanks to Your Gifts, Life is Full at JCL.

Individuals we support are active, visible members of the community - at the library, coffee shops, the gym, concerts, basketball games, your neighborhood, etc. They choose how they spend their time. JCL staff is there to assist.  ​​​​

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