Management Team

Knowledgeable & Compassionate


JCL cannot do what we do without our wonderful and dedicated JCL employees.

JCL’s management team has over 200 years of service to JCL or an average of more than 14 years of service per team member! This is a remarkable achievement and ensures a level of consistency and familiarity with the individuals we serve. 

Denis Geary, Executive Director, with Larry

Gloria Carlson, Assistant Executive Director, with Jessie

Annette Hargrove, Director of Employee Relations, with David

Eileen Able, Director of Administration, with Matt

Paula Snecinski, RN with Neil


Sarah Winiarski, Director of Community Relations

Larry Goldman, Coordinator for Programs & Services, with Sujit

Kerry Arru, Coordinator for Programs & Services with Dick

Judaic Programmer

Bonnie Eisenberg-Greene, Coordinator for Judaic Programs, with Lee Lapuk

Judaic Programmer

Susan Fried, Coordinator for Judaic Programs, with Eileen and Bonnie