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First & Foremost Homes

Adults with developmental disabilities, at JCL, live and participate in the community just as fully as you or I do.


Single Family Homes & Apartment Living

Single family homes have been designed to accommodate 3-6 housemates. Apartments or condos are available for more independent living. JCL offers residential support services on a private fee basis. 


In all cases, JCL strives to ensure the men and women we support are valued for who they are and are provided every reasonable opportunity to live safe, healthy and vibrant lives. 


The JCL Family

The men and women we support are members of the JCL family. They live with us for as long as they like, and for as long as we can meet their needs.


JCL residences are first and foremost homes. They are intended to be what homes are; a place to:

  • feel safe and relaxed

  • interact with caring people

  • learn new skills

  • be able to respond to new opportunities.


Day Support Service

JCL staff brings added comfort and care to adults who have developmental or intellectual disabilities living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes or supported living homes.


Personal Choice

Each person we serve is encouraged to discover and reach his or her potential through personal interests. They choose how to spend their time — whether that choice is volunteering to help others, playing floor hockey or watching monster trucks. Our staff is there to assist.  ​​​


Open to All Faiths

Our programs and services are open to all faiths and backgrounds. However, JCL is one of the few organizations in the area that helps adults with special needs observe and reinforce their Jewish heritage.

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