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Andy Selinger, Denis Geary, and Rabbi Small at the opening reception of the Brewster Road group home.

Contact Bonnie Eisenberg-Greene, Judaic Program Coordinator, by email or phone, to discuss how you can get involved:

(860) 522-5225 ext. 2237 or

via email

Enhanced by Jewish Tradition 


As a Jewish agency, we recognize a need to create, organize and implement Judaic Programs specifically designed for Jewish persons with special needs. 

Varied Jewish Activities

JCL is a community resource offering about 20 Judaic programs, September - May, for individuals with developmental disabilities and our community to keep Jewish traditions and culture alive.


Events are Open to All

Our events are free and open to the community-at-large, as well as those we directly support in our residential homes.  Kashrut (Jewish dietary law) is observed at all our events and in our group homes. 


Collaboration is Key

We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with individuals, schools, synagogues, agencies and local talent. We also welcome individuals and organizations working on a project of their own choosing. 


Preparing for Your Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

We work with youngsters to carry out community service assignments. Contact us with your ideas, or ask about some of ours. 


Host a Shabbat Dinner

Interested in hosting a Shabbat dinner at one of our homes? Contact us. It's an amazing experience!

Judaic Programs

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