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JCL Group Homes


Jack and Kerry celebrating Chanukah at the Mandell JCC.

Sally & Elizabeth enjoying a quiet moment while on a Cape Code vacation.

Keith Lapuk making Purim baskets with JTConnect. 

My home with JCL


JCL group homes are homes first, and programs second. Adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities live and grow together, supporting each other's achievement with compassion and encouragement.


JCL staff ensure a safe and nurturing environment 24 hours per day. We encourage all we serve to pursue or experience any religious or cultural activity of their choosing. 


Personal Choice

The adults we serve choose how they spend their time. They relax and put their feet up, entertain friends and family, shoot some hoops, pop in a DVD or go for a walk around the block. JCL staff is always there to assist.  


Program Support

Dedicated and knowledgeable staff, committed to helping others, are available 24 hours/day assisting with: 

  • good health & well being

  • recreation and leisure activities

  • skill development

  • medication administration

  • transportation 

Unique Service for Jewish Families

JCL is one of a few organizations in the area that help adults with special needs practice and reinforce their Jewish heritage and live a Jewish life. Kashrut is observed in all group homes. 



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