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Supported Living


Decorating Chanukah cards at the Mandell JCC.

Josh living the life at a UCONN Women's Basketball Game. 

Jessica Martin has a great time as she walks the runway at "An Evening of Friends, Fun and Fashion."

A Place of My Own


Greater Independence

The men and women who live in their own apartments or condominiums are participants of the JCL Supported Living program. They have demonstrated both an interest and an ability to live their lives with greater independence and less supervision than in a group home.



Individuals with a developmental or intellectual disability live alone or share an apartment or condominium. They:

  • accept a greater role in self-directing their own lives

  • have more say with whom they live

  • must use their own income to pay their bills

  • have independent access to their neighborhood and town

  • spend time at home without the presence of staff.​


Truly Your Neighbor Next Door 

All work, pay their own bills, shop and play in their community, spend time with their families, celebrate holidays, vacation, and more. 



Daily support is provided by JCL, as appropriate, and as identified in their individualized supportive living plan. 


Some require only a couple of hours of staffing support a day, while others require more. 



The state funds the staffing needed to support adults living in supported living homes. However, state funding does not cover ordinary living expenses. A limited rent subsidy program to assist those who qualify is available from state funding.

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