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Help Alexi raise $2,500 for JCL!!!!

Alexi is training to run in the NYC Spring Half Marathon on May 2, 2021.  To honor his brother‐in‐law, he will run and raise funds for the Jewish Association for Community Living (JCL).  Alexi’s brother in law, Josh, lives in one of JCL’s Community Residential Support apartments. Josh’s life has been enhanced by the remarkable people of JCL and services they provide. 

The mission of the Jewish Association for Community Living is to assist people with developmental disabilities to participate in community life through personal empowerment, community engagement, family relationships, and quality services enhanced by Jewish tradition. 

Please help Alexi raise $2,500 for JCL in honor of Josh.  JCL will be accepting donations until May 15th.

Let’s cheer for Alexi as he accomplishes this great feat!

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